Forte Campomolon

"Barricading Forts Agno - Astico - Posina"

On the ex Austro-Hungarian frontier, on the mountainous crest that separates the Fiorentini and Tonezza highlands, on the altitude of 1853 meters, the Campomolon fort was built but was left unfinished even though at the start of the war it was nonetheless equipped with a battery shell gun of 280 mm.
The impression of an unfinished work is reinforced by noticing the uncompleted brickwork stairs, the mighty dry-stone walls in protection of the fort, the enormous excavations carried-out in order to built the fort half covered in rock and half uncovered and lastly the interesting tubular tunnel, of noteworthy architectural design.

  - Campomolon Fort

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Ing. Francesco Menegus

Company executrix:
Diemme Restauri di Este

Beginning Works:
May 2007

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